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Diagnostic Required for hardware devices. Policy 18.2

Diagnostic Required for hardware devices Policy 18.2


At Net Diatom one of the things we do is a hardware component diagnostic where we intake the device for service and record vital machine information to identify it in our system. We charge $19.99 for a diagnostic and for the intake of the device so it can be assessed and serviced by our team.


Due to insurance stipulation we may require an internal cleaning of your device prior to additional service.

Dirty Fans Can Damage Your Computer

The fan has to run at higher speeds to cool the components of your computer. If it has gotten loud over time it's due to dust and dirt, not the age of your computer. ... This can ruin your computer, and corrupt the file system as well.


Our team uses a flow chart system to intake and prepare a diagnostic while creating a ticket in our system for the component or device.

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