Yearly Hosting and domain registration fees at Net Diatom Policy 17.1

Net Diatom keeps costs lower than other organizations by operating our own web hosting servers. We pay for the power and management of these systems and host our clients projects at a 99% uptime during the calendar year. Net Diatom also will manage the domain registration for clients on a year by year basis (i.e: The cost to renew hosting and the domain registration is $150.00 USD per year due on or before the domain expires the following year. These costs are not accounted for the first year as it is included with the web design package purchased. The following year and each year after that will require the Hosting and Domain registration fee charge. 


Clients are notified automatically 30 days prior to the domain renewal date. If the client does not renew, Net Diatom assumes that the client wishes not to renew the project. Non-payment for the domain or hosting will result in automatic suspension of the website. To see your website renewal date at any time please check

It’s safe to say your domain name is the most crucial part of your online presence. Your domain name is what people type in when they want to find you, your virtual storefront, and your brand’s essence.

However, what’s wild is that when you purchase your domain name, you’re essentially renting it from a registrar. It’s yours to keep forever, so long as you continue to pay your renewal fees. If you forget to pay your fees within the allotted grace periods, you forfeit your opportunity for using that domain name, and anyone can come in and snag it. Fair game.

If your domain name has ever expired, or if you know someone who has had their domain name expire, you already know how devastating the consequences are.

When you first set up your domain name with a registrar or web hosting company, make sure that the email address in your profile is accurate and up-to-date, and that you put emails from the registrar company in your contact lists.

Domain expiration and grace period

If you renew your domain name before your expiration date passes, you will continue to own the domain name. If you don’t renew your domain name before the expiration date, most registrars will give you a grace period to renew your domain.

Typically, the grace period is 30 days. You can renew your domain name during this time frame without paying extra fees or losing your domain name entirely.

While you have 30 days to pay for and keep your domain name, it’s critical to know that if you let your domain name lapse, your domain name will be deactivated, and your website will be replaced with a parked page. It might look something like this:


Grace period expiration and registrar hold

If your 30-day grace period passes and you have not renewed your domain name, all is not lost. Your registrar will typically save your domain name for you and give you another 30-day grace period to renew. This grace period is often called the registrar hold status.

The difference between this grace period is you may have to pay both a renewal fee and a redemption fee to get your domain name back. The redemption fee or late renewal fee at Net Diatom is $49.99.

Domain auction or closeout sale

As soon as your domain name has entered the registrar hold status, your registrar will start trying to auction off your domain. 

The good news is that even if someone bids on your domain and buys it, the potential new owner will still have to wait 30 days before they own the domain. 

If you renew during the second 30 day grace period and pay the associated fees, you will get your domain name back.

If you don’t renew your domain during this period, the highest bidder will own your domain.

If no one bids on your domain name at an auction, and if you don’t renew your domain, then the registrar will list that domain name for a lower price in a closeout sale.

Anyone is eligible to purchase the domain name during a closeout sale. However, if someone else buys it during this sale, they still have to wait for the remainder of the thirty days to make sure you don’t renew until they take ownership.

Domain released back to the registry

If you don’t renew your domain, and if no one purchases it at an auction or during a closeout sale, the registrar will release it back to the registry.

When a domain is released back to the registry in the redemption period status, no one can delete it or change it for 30 days. You can still pay the redemption and renewal fee during this time.

After the registry grace period

If you do not renew the domain name during the registry grace period, it will be placed on a pending status to be deleted. If the original owner or the registrar doesn’t buy the domain, it will be deleted and released for general registration.

While it’s devastating to lose your domain name, the good news is your registrar provides several renewal notices and opportunities for you to buy back your domain.

Let’s take a quick look at the reasons why your domain name may expire and how you can make sure you don’t lose your domain name.

How to ensure your domain name doesn’t expire

It’s critical to understand that domain name registration is always temporary and contingent on paying renewal fees. No matter who you are and what your domain is, you’ll have to pay renewal fees to keep your domain name.