Downtime Task Assignment policy 14.5

Downtime Task Assignment policy 14.5

At Net Diatom we have a downtime assignment policy. Whenever a team member has spare time and is looking for additional tasks to complete outside of the daily tasks policy he/she will follow this policy. 

After daily tasks are up to date or completed during your shift you are to;

disinfect frequently touched surfaces. Using antibacterial wipes or paper towel and disinfectant spray 

empty trash receptacles, throw out trash in garbage can outside, and replace trash liners. 

Check for and bring in mail and packages.

Listen to voicemail messages and generate tickets for call backs to missed calls. 

Re-check and read open tickets (even those not assigned to you) and comment and respond accordingly.

Wash outside and interior windows with windex and paper towels.

Generate a materials list for things that will need to be ordered in the future and provide them to the supervisor.

Access the client directory file and call and update the list.


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