Unified Pricing System Policy 16.0

Unified Pricing System Policy 16.0


Net Diatom uses a Unified Pricing System as per policy 16.0.

The reasons why it is important to have a unified pricing module in place are;

  • Every customer is treated the same regardless of financial situation
  • Set rates regardless of who quotes your service
  • Clients can feel reassured that everyone receives the services at the same rates

Our pricing module as of 1/2021 is as follows (until amended) 

Computer Repair services

  1. Computer diagnostic $19.99
  2. Computer Tune Up $49.99
  3. Software Install $29.99
  4. Operating System $34.99
  5. Data Transfer up to 1tb per device $19.99
  6. Non listed repairs are $36 per hour + parts
  7. At Clients location up to 45 minutes $36, plus $36 for 1 to 60 minutes over the first hour (subject to distance from our location as per policy)
  8. VHS Conversion per tape regardless of length of video ($15 per tape)
  9. Super 8 / 8mm film to digital video conversion $22 per reel
  10. File to image /kodak square film per hour $36
  11. Advance data recovery $45 per 
  12. Lions cub web design plan $999+tax
  13. Lions roar package web design $2499+tax
  14. Lion Pack Plan web package $6499+tax

These prices are in effect until designated by a policy amendment.