Smoking Policy 9.4

Smoking Policy 9.4

Net Diatom does not allow anyone to smoke within 15 feet of the doorway or a doorway of our neighbors. By state Law we can receive a fine and if we are fined all employees or Net Diatom contractors involved by video surveillance will have their contract terminated. 

Net Diatom allows for vaping of scentless and immediately smokeless vapors that are out of the view of customers, out of the front area where customers enter and can not be done withing 15 feet of other employees or contractors who may not welcome vapors. 

If another contractor or employee contacts Human Resources to complain that someone was out of compliance of this policy, that person will receive a level 1 warning and will be sent home for the remainder of the shift without pay. Any repeats or violation of this policy will be terms for termination of contract or the non-renewal of an upcoming contract renewal period.

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