Net Diatom Staff Phone Procedure Policy 9.3

Net Diatom Staff Phone Procedure Policy 9.3

Answer all incoming calls. Take messages down with a return contact phone number for any message.

NOTE:Never hand the phone directly to anyone who the caller requests to speak to.

Answer with " Hello thank you for calling Net Diatom how can I help you?". Answer all questions to the best of your ability and take down messages from callers. Generate a ticket and assign it to the person who the note is for.

Use pricing and text on to assist the caller. 

Always try and be professional and let the customer know that the call is important to you. 

You are not allowed to disclose what employee works and on what day or shift. Do not disclose anything other than you apologize but they are not available at that time.

Remember to log all calls and messages that need to be returned into the help desk ticket system.

Never give out personal cell phone numbers or any additional info.