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What is the website process from order to delivery?

Usually we gather information regarding the website in question and work to reach a direction to head with the idea and visions of the website. 

After a client orders a website, Net Diatom will begin with creating space on the server for the project, and obtaining the desired domain name for the client. 


After a domain is registered or transferred from various locations into Net Diatom a coming soon splash site will act as a placeholder to allow building time for the project. 


The project will be made and framed out using Net Diatom's design process and team focused solutions and presented to the client in an initial reveal for remediation. 


During this time the client states all changes requested for the release. The changes are made and the final reveal and go live preview are shown to the client. At this time the client can request additional changes and as needed maintenance for tickets supported to the help desk. 


Net Diatom Help Desk Header