Progressive Action Policy 6.1 b amended 9/20 formerly (Write ups policy 6.1)

Progressive Action policy 6.1 b amended 9/20

Net Diatom uses a multi-tier level write up system that uses progressive action, violation of any company policy can be terms for a warning being issued. Management is required to follow this policy and must maintain it to protect the best interest of the work environment. Net Diatom is an at will employer whom can terminate an employee or independent contractor at any time. 


Level 1 Warning (low level warning)

After 2 Level 1 Warnings you will receive a level 2 warning


Level 2 Warning (medium severity) 

After a additional warning is issued move to level 3


Level 3 Warning (Final Level Warning)

 At Level 3 suspension without pay 1-9 shifts

Any other violation after will lead to termination