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Self Web Builder

Logo Maker/ Video Streaming Service

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Our certified and experienced staff are ready to deliver on the following developmental projects;

Professional staff portal
Online University Platform
HIPPA compliant websites
ADA compliant websites
Responsive for mobile
Mobile Applications

Custom Backend
Auction style websites
Ecommerce platforms
Saas platforms
Loyalty systems
Inventory programs
CAD and more

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Unlike a traditional ISP (Internet Service Provider), Net Diatom operates a P2P (Peer-to-peer network). This means that as our internet service gains more clients, the range of our network will expand, which is beneficial to us as well as all of our customers. 

The benefit of a network hub is that it expands the range of our network and the strength of our signal. If a client wishes to subscribe to our internet service but are outside of our network’s range, installing a network hub will extend our range to surround that location. Installing a hub in your location requires that you agree to host our equipment in your building for at least 2 years. The expansion of our network will also allow us to expand the range of our free Wi-Fi service beyond the downtown square area.

Net Diatom Services

Services offered by Net Diatom are listed here

Net Diatom offers website design, social media management, mobile application development, computer repair, internet services, and creates technological applications for businesses

Something Unique

Is always happening at Net Diatom 

Award Winning Golden Web Award 2020

We put together a data set including COVID-19 data from the World Health Organization, Johns Hopkins, and NextStrain which is represented in the most comprehensive visual data available online today 

Create Beyond The Surface

Many web developers just make a shiny frontend. At Net Diatom we can custom tailor your backend to complete complicated tasks and serve as a portal for your operation

Launching  To Space

Net Diatom is going beyond! We aim to get data direct from space. Net Diatom's project to participate in NASA's Space App Hackathon can be viewed here

Manage In Real Time

Track visitors as they come onto your online property and know where the came from and where they are going to. See data like what browser they are using and what device, track via IP and more.

Remain In The Conversation

Remain in constant contact with email promotions and text based messages and alerts. Once you have clients we can help you maintain them and keep everyone informed

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Regardless of your scope of knowledge, Net Diatom can help be the bridge between your business or project idea. Our certified and insured staff is available at 800-707-7820 today!

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