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Net Diatom Wifi in Marshall IL

We are currently building our open wifi platform and working hard to expand each and every month. There is a paid premium version and a Free ad supported version. Ads sponsor wifi sessions with a banner ad / flyer for 6 seconds before each user is allowed to connect to our network for free wifi. We now also offer a monthly service. To submit your ad in sponsorship for only $9.99 click here or read more about our service below. Net Diatom also configures and helps with internet connections from other internet service providers and home networking View the coverage map

Need a website unblocked on our network? 

  • Multiple Access Points
  • A Peer to Peer wireless internet system
  • Located in Marshall Illinois
  • High Range Antenna System
  • 4-g MBPS Average with Up to 20 MBPS 
  • Currently Covering the downtown square
  • Expanding

We don't mind other companies do it different, that works for us!

Wireless Internet

No routers, no equipment needed (for most users). Pure wireless, just connect to our Wifi SSID when your in our service area

Peer to Peer

Our Network originates from high range antennas that come from our headqaurters location. The signal is carried to Net Diatom Network Hub (NDNH) Locations and casted in a seperate direction to another peer

Free for all

We have a free ad supported network along with the paid wifi service. If your in our Network Service Area (NSA) just connect to our wifi on your device

Local Wifi Pricing

Marshall IL Service Area

$ 0 / 25 minutes

Free Plan

  • Add Supported
  • Limited to 300MBPS
  • Our Network
  • 24/7Support
$ 15 / month

Premium Plan

  • Ad Free
  • Our secure network
  • 30 Day Connection
  • Unlimited Upload Limit
  • Unlimited Download Limit
  • 24/7Support
  • cancel anytime

$ 150 / location

Become a Hub

  • Become a Hub
  • 12 months free internet
  • host our equipment for 2 years*
  • 24/7Support

Help Us Expand Our Network

If you are close to our service but do not get a strong signal, or you are close to an existing signal but slightly out of reach, you can help us expand into your area. If we test your location and you are a good candidate to host a Net Diatom Network Hub (NDNH) you can pay to have a (NDNH) repeater placed in your home or business ($150) and in exchange you will be given 12 months of Net Diatom Premier Wifi Access with directional antenna support added from the Net Diatom headquarters coupled with an agreement to host the equipment in your location for 24 months. Request to be a NDNH host site

Net Diatom Network Hub's are wireless receiver and repeaters set up at length from the main network location which receive signals from long range panel wifi antennas located at Net Diatom. Most users access Net Diatom's network with no hardware in their home. Want to see if you qualify to be a site host?

The Net Diatom internet services are provided on a month to month basis with no contracts. You can cancel at any time

Unlike a traditional (ISP) Internet service provider, Net Diatom is a peer to peer wireless network which offers connections via leased periods of time on Net Diatom hardware. The free wifi works by hosting a limited timed connection that is sponsored by ads before a network connection is allowed. The premier paid wifi works by allowing for a 30 day device access time limit with the ability to renew each 30 days. The Net Diatom Network is comprised on large high gain antennas broadcasting 2.4 gHz and 5 gHz signals direct to users and to Net Diatom Infastructure Partners (NDIP) and Net Diatom Network Hub's (NDNH) from the Net Diatom building around Marshall IL.

For most users in our service area, the connection can be expanded with a repeater. A wifi repeater takes the initial Net Diatom wifi singnal and repeats a brand new powerful signal inside your home/business. A technician can help you install a repeater in your location if you are within the wifi coverage map for $60 View the coverage map

We are seeking Net Diatom Infastructure Partners (NDIP) to help us push even further into the community in Marshall IL and then surrounding towns. NDIP's have Net Diatom install a router, antenna, and repeater device with a switch on their property. NDIP partners pay an infastructure fee of $600 and receive free Net Diatom internet services for 4 years Free under contract to host the equipment for 4 years. Become an NDIP site host

We are changing things up a little

Offering the first of it's kind, a P2P internet service located in Marshall IL View Wifi Coverage Map


Get in touch

  • Net Diatom LP
    Corporate Office Center
    123 S 6th st
    602 Locust
    604 Locust
    IL, USA 62441


  • +1 (800) 707 7820
    +1 (217)-205-1852

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