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Our peer to peer wireless internet service powers Marshall IL. We have a FREE wifi hotspot available in the downtown square and a premium internet service available.

Connect 1,2,3

Choose your preferred internet connection from Net Diatom and select your service to get started below

Free Wifi In downtown Marshall, IL

This wifi is free, just open up your phone and look for internet in the area, connect to NET DIATOM FREE WIFI and watch the short ad before receiving access to the internet. Enjoy!

Premium Wifi in Marshall

For premium wifi, enjoy up to 10 devices connected and using the internet at the same time, unlock a 30 day voucher code to access the premier internet just click to join NET DIATOM PREMIUM WIFI hotspot when you are in the wifi area and enter in your voucher code. Need a voucher code? Click the link below

Become A Net Diatom hub

Unlike a traditional ISP (Internet Service Provider), Net Diatom operates a P2P (Peer-to-peer network). This means that as our internet service gains more clients, the range of our network will expand, which is beneficial to us as well as all of our customers. If a client’s location is deemed a good candidate for a network hub, we can install a hub to expand our network. For $150, we can install a hub in your building, which will provide you with a 12 month subscription to our premium Wi-Fi service, as well as support many connected devices. The benefit of a network hub is that it expands the range of our network and the strength of our signal. If a client wishes to subscribe to our internet service but are outside of our network’s range, installing a network hub will extend our range to surround that location. Installing a hub in your location requires that you agree to host our equipment in your building for at least 2 years. The expansion of our network will also allow us to expand the range of our free Wi-Fi service beyond the downtown square area.

Net Diatom  800-707-7820

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