File Conversion and Transfer Services

VHS tapes to Digital Files

We transfer VHS video and audio (if available) to digital file format to go on a flash drive or usb external hard drive


Super 8 / 8mm MAC 8

Super 8 and 8mm film requires special equipment to transfer over up to 30 fps


Flat Rate Fees

We developed flate rate fees for file transfers and conversions to better serve you

Conversion and Transfer Pricing

We offer great prices, premium products
and quality service in Marshall IL

$ 15 / per tape

VHS conversion 

  • 1 tape 
  • up to 6 hours
  • 10% fail rate
  • captures tape quality
  • sound if available
  • transfer to digital format
$ 22 / per film reel

Super 8 / 8mm
film to digital video

  • Format 8 MAC /8mm/ Super 8
  • Film reel to digital file
  • we charge per reel
  • Unlimited time per reel
  • no audio
  • transfer to digital format
$ 36 / hour

Film to image file

  • Billed per hour
  • Unlimited photos
  • Multiple film sizes
  • Old age and new age
  • We transfer film to jpeg
  • transfer to digital format
File Trasnfer or Advanced Recovery

Let's make memories last forever. Together.

We can probably get your files back even if your computer no longer works, if the hard drive is not damaged our team can often perform an advanced recovery and remove the hard disc from a computer or laptop and extract data in an advanced recovery. Just need files transferred? We do that also

$ 20 / per device

Data Transfer
up to 1 TB

  • 1 Device
  • Up to 1TB of data
  • Safe Transfer
  • We could move the files to:
  • another computer
  • External hard drive
  • or usb stick
$ 45 / per device

Advanced Data

  •  1 Device
  • Up to 1TB of data
  • $19.99 additional 1 TB
  • We could move the files to:
  • another computer
  • External hard drive
  • or usb stick
  • Using this method we can obtain more data than others may be able to find


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